Podcast • I Love Music: 004 Downtempo, Hip-Hop

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01. [DWK035] Bradata — Story In Six Chapters (EP) «Fist Full of Dust»
02. [DWK056] Ewan Hoozami — Mildebeats (EP) «Hope»
03. [DWK117] Tab & Anitek — Project Monarch (LP) «Moloko Plus»
04. [DWK068] IoNiZeR — Infused Fear (EP) «Unnatural Calm»
05. [DWK084] Shine of Her Eyes — Slow Motion Colours (LP) «Not Happy End»
06. [DWK086] Kisszanto — Surrealism On Tape (LP) «No Seagull»
07. [DWK096] Hypoetical — Learning To Draw (EP) «Mathematical Existence»
08. [DWK119] Jenova 7 — Dusted Jazz Volume Two (LP) «Enter The Void»
09. [DWK142] Radj — Almanac (EP) «Vivatte»
10. [DWK034] Bulimic Orgy — Sawmill Gang Anthems (EP) «Garage Circus»
11. [DWK022] Rare — My Early Beats (EP) «Begin»
12. [DWK049] Innereyefull — Blunted Soul (EP) «Be Cool»
13. [DWK075] Hypoetical — Pendulum (LP) «Nineteen Ninety Seven
14. [DWK018] Merlune — V.A. — Dusted Beats (Vol. 2) «Do You Really»
15. [DWK143] Mononome — The Secret Melody (EP) «Forever Is Wasted»
16. [DWK118] Third Person Lurkin — The Cloud Mirror (LP) «Over Forgotten Places»
17. [DWK074] Lost Soul Refuge — Neon (EP) «Demonology»
18. [DWK089] Tony Mahoney — Product of A Dying Breed (LP) «The Last House»
19. [DWK100] Frenic — Lessons From The Past (EP) «New World»
20. [DWK136] Groove Cereal — Part of A Dusted Breakfast (Vol. 1) (LP) «Chill Blossom feat. Andrew Linn»
21. [DWK007] 2 Bone Giants — The Lost Art Of Speaking Your Mind (EP) «The Sight Of Things To Come»
22. [DWK031] Aydio — Deltitnu (EP) «XHD»
23. [DWK061] LR-60 & Mr. Moods — Earlier Works (EP) «Blue Mountain feat. Moddog»
24. [DWK066] Third Person Lurkin — The Nameless City (LP) «The Silver Key»

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